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OWL Risk Management Consulting, LLC provides the following for customers

Custom Audit
Our experts will conduct a point-by-point audit of your current social media efforts and use this to design a tailored solution that will enable you to engage your clients on their home turf.

Social Media Monitoring & Online Reputation Management
Our experts will find out what is being said about you online, including positive and negative impressions of your market and competition, and design a strategy that will help you capitalize on the positive impressions and design a solution to help you combat any negative perceptions.

Strategy Selection
Each business is unique and every website needs a tailored solution to determine what is best for its particular need. There is no universal solution to creating a positive social media presence, and our experts will help you identify which channels will be best for your unique business type, and will design a strategy based off your need.

Custom Creation
From custom Facebook pages to blog and Twitter content, our marketing and design experts will help you launch your social media strategy so that your earliest fans will have enough content to keep them involved. Our experts can help you build your fan base, and increase the exposure of your social media efforts.

As a business, we understand the need to know the value of each and every investment you make. Our analytics team will provide you with regular updates and reports that show you exactly how the social media efforts are helping to meet your overall business objectives, and highlight other possible opportunities.  Among other things, we monitor usage patterns and conversion rates, which you can use when planning your overall marketing and media strategy.

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